Sidelined Skydiver

He survived a terrible skydiving accident, but a Kentucky man had the chance to see his sport in the spotlight Friday night at the home opener for the Lexington Legends.

Justin Hammons is a 29 year old professional skydiver but also a Lexington businessman.

He was seriously injured March 6th as he was coming in for a landing.

He landed too fast and ended up in critical condition with multiple injuries, including a broken jaw, cheekbone, and femur.

Hammons also suffered some brain damage.

Now, weeks later, he's improving and is at receiving treatment at Cardinal Hill.

Hammons is a daredevil that has been sidelined.

"I'm recovering faster than any of the staff thought I would. They told me initially I'd be there for 16 weeks, but now after four or five weeks they're going to release me."

Hammons has a passion for skydiving, but its taken a back seat to his recovery from a near fatal jump that he landed incorrectly.

"I don't remember anything about it at all, so I get to learn more all the time about what actually happened."

Instead of focusing on what he can't change, Hammons is here on opening night of the Legends.

It is a place he and his skydiving team have been before.

"We do this event for every opening day. Normally I'd be in the airplane waiting to get out."

From jump to landing it takes three minutes and for Justin Hammons that three minutes feels like an eternity when your not the one in the air.

For a guy used to the rush and adrenaline of skydiving, he's now taking it easy focused on re-learning some of the most simple tasks, but dreaming all the while of his next jump from high above.

Hammons belongs to the "Fast Trax Skydiving Team" based out of Ohio.

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