NTSB Investigator Assigns Blame For Comair Crash

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - The lead investigator of a deadly
commercial jet crash says the Kentucky accident exposed "latent
failures" across the nation's aviation safety system.
However, National Transportation Safety Board member Deborah
Hersman agreed, in an eight-page opinion, that the pilots' failure
to notice clues they were going down the wrong runway was the
primary cause.
The NTSB voted in Washington last month that pilot error was the
primary cause, and the Federal Aviation Administration had a lesser
role. Its findings will be released in writing later this month,
along with Hersman's concurring opinion.
The Comair jet crashed in the pre-dawn darkness August 27th,
shortly after taking off from the wrong runway. Of the 50 people
onboard, only the co-pilot survived.

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