Capozzi's victim's family speaks

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A federal inmate, who escaped in Central Kentucky may be staying in the area for a little while longer.

Derek Capozzi is in the Fayette County Detention Center, expected to face an escape charge, and officials say he'll remain there until he faces a federal judge in Lexington.

Meanwhile, a family who knows what Capozzi is capable of is asking some tough questions about how he got away.

Joe Silva says he's been forced to face his worst nightmare again, the murder of his 19-year old daughter, Aislin.

"It's tough having to relive this all over again," says Silva.

Capozzi, the 37-year old man convicted in 2005 of aiding in the killing and dismembering of Aislin's body escaped while in a jail transport van in Kentucky on Thursday.

"There's no way to escape like that," says Silva. "I'm sure they're still investigating it."

Coincidentally, three days later Capozzi was found, what would have been Aislin's birthday.

"She was looking down and said it was enough; it was time to put him back," says Silva.

Unable to hide his emotions, Silva wanted to thank all the agencies involved as well as the two men, Phillip Bryant and Alfred Mormolejo, who helped to find Capozzi.

"I give my hats to them," says Silva.

While thankful this stunt may put Capozzi behind bars for many more years, Silva can't help but to wonder how Capozzi got out in the first place.

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