Video Shows Flight Attendant's Behavior After Arrest

She's accused of being drunk on the job. 26-year old Sarah Mills, an ASA flight attendant was pulled from a plane at Blue Grass Airport two weeks ago after some passengers complained about her behavior.

Some of the passengers even said they were afraid to fly after they saw how drunk Mills was. The captain called police and Mills was quickly arrested and sent to the Fayette County Jail.

27 Newsfirst exclusively obtained video of Mills during her 24 hour stay at the jail. While being booked Mills says to the jailers "You guys are so dumb, all I did was get drunk."

Court records show her blood alcohol level when arrested was .03, less than the legal driving limit of .08 and even the FAA flying limit of .04.
Lexington attorney Russ Baldini says in most cases of alcohol intoxication, there is no test, rather the person is a danger to themself or others.

"Let me go home," Mills tells a jailer. After the jailer tells her she can't, Mills responds. "All I did was have a drink. I'm not robbing anybody, raping anybody, I just had a drink. Let me go home."

Baldani says it is a terrifying time for some when they are being book into the jail. "It's hard to tell if someone is drunk when they are being booked in."

Baldani also viewed some of the video of Mills in jail and stated, "It will certainly be a key part in the case, it portrays her demeanor, type of speech and appearence." Baldani says no defense attorney would want the video to come out if the case went to a jury trial.

Mills is expected in court Tuesday morning for a preliminary hearing.

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