Missing Woman Found Safe In Tennessee

Shannon Bishop says he feared the worst nearly 3 days after his mother, Barbara, didn't return home after a trip to his sister's house.

“She was coming back to my house and after a couple of hours and never showed up,” says Bishop of his 64 year old mother.

Barbara Bishop suffers from an early stage of Alzheimer's Disease. But until Sunday her son says she rarely had a problem going anywhere.

“As long as she was in a calm atmosphere she was doing really good with it,” he says.

Her family believed she could have driven to Ohio to visit her sister. Instead, she was found much further south in Campbell County, Tennessee. She remembered just one phone number and called home. Now her family is breathing a big sigh of relief. But that's wasn't the mood they were in earlier today.

“Because we looked, we had so much support, people looking, if she would get confused. She would just park the car,” says Bishop, several hours before his mother called home.

Bishop was found more than 70 miles from her home. She was taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary measures.

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