Students charged with trying to kill classmate

Kentucky State Police have arrested three Jackson County High School students for trying to kill another teenager.
State Police say the three kidnapped 18-year-old Cheyenne Williams Friday, took her to Flat Lick Falls, and tried to push her over a cliff. Police say Williams managed to escape and call police. The Jackson County High School's attorney also tells 27 NEWSFIRST that Williams was beaten by the three girls.
The school attorney says they were alerted to the incident by the victim's mother. "A mother came in and said her daughter had been kidnapped and beaten" said Tim Crawford.
Tuesday authorities arrested 18-year-old Corinne Schwab and 18-year-old Ashley Sims on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder. Police also arrested a third teenager; a 17-year-old girl whose name has not been released because of her age.
School officials say all the teens were friends. "The four never had any problems. They had gone a school trip together."
No motive for the attempted murder has been given.

Ashley Sams
Corinne Schwab

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