Police say incident involving high school teens may have been a prank

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Police now say it may have been a prank that went too far.
Three high school seniors face kidnapping and attempted murder charges for trying to push a friend off a cliff, but today police say this could have been a prank.

Three Jackson County High School seniors are facing some serious charges. 18-year-old Ashley Sams and Corrine Schwab and a 17-year-old classmate. They are accused of kidnapping friend Cheyenne Williams and are facing a charge of attempted murder for allegedly attempting to throw her over the Flatlick Falls.

According to police reports, they attempted to cause bodily injury to the teen and attempting to kill her. The mother of Cheyenne Williams telling NewsFirst off camera that it was a hate crime that came on a national day of silence for those who are gay, saying her daughter is openly gay.

Kentucky State Police are investigating, but say they believe that is not the case.

"No, this is not a hate crime. Right now we're still gathering facts and still investigating. We're going to work with the Commonwealth Attorney and they'll come to a decision of what exactly this is categorized as", says Sgt. Matt Feltner with Kentucky State Police.

In fact, police are saying this whole ordeal may have been blown out of proportion.

"Does it appear this could have been a prank, or a prank that went wrong in any way?", we asked Sgt. Feltner.

"Right now we have obtained certain facts that would indicate that might be the case, that it may have been a prank", says Sgt. Feltner with Kentucky State Police.

While this news comes as a relief to family of the three girls involved, one of the mothers telling us the girls are simply pranksters, the mother of Cheyenne Williams says this was not a prank and her daughter was injured.

Police say they will continue to investigate the incident, presenting all facts to a grand jury to decide.

Corrine Schwab has bonded out of jail while Ashley Sams remains behind bars. Sams and the juvenile involved in the incident are expected to make their first court appearance tomorrow.

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