Federal prison escapee indicted

A federal grand jury has indicted the man who sparked a three day manhunt after jumping out the back of a prison transport van on the Bluegrass Parkway in Woodford County. The indictment, handed down today, charges 37-year-old Derek Capozzi with escape.
Federal agents are still investigating how Capozzi managed to get out of handcuffs, a belly chain and leg irons while being taken to the airport in Lexington. He reportedly jumped out of the back of a Grayson County Jail transport van, at the intersection of the Bluegrass Parkway and State Road 33 in Versailles around 10am on April 15. Two men out looking for Capozzi found him hiding in a wooded area around 6pm on Saturday, April 17.
A court date for Capozzi to appear before a federal judge in Lexington on the escape charge has not yet been set. US Marshals transferred Capozzi out of the Fayette County Detention Center Thursday afternoon. He was taken to an undisclosed federal prison.
If convicted of the escape charge, he could have a maximum of five years added to his prison sentence. Capozzi is already serving a lengthy sentence for helping dispose of a woman's body in Boston by dismembering it. He's also serving time for participating in organized crime.

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