Mother of young child, shot in home invasion, speaks out

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It was a chilling call to 911. A Kentucky woman was pleading for help after intruders shot her young child. Now, that Kenton County mother is talking about what happened during the violent home invasion.

It's hard to imagine three-year-old Jalen Turner was shot just a day ago. Today she is all laughs and smiles after being released from the hospital. However, if you take a look at her back and you can see that it has been a tough 24 hours for the young girl.

A bullet ripped through one side of Jalen Turner and out of the other merely. Doctors say it missed her spine by a fraction of an inch.

It all happened when her mother, Brandi Mullins, says two men kicked down the door to their mobile home. There were three kids and three adults inside. The shaken mom, who didn't want to appear on camera, believes they were looking for her boyfriend Stephen Luke who has a past conviction for selling marijuana. She describes how one of the men shot her daughter.

"He had a gun pointed at us. Jaylen came running to me. I bent down to pick her up and when I came back up I heard a pop and my finger went numb and then she said 'ow' and i said, 'oh my gosh you shot my baby", says Brandi Mullins.

In police cruiser video you see the mom carry her daughter outside while her boyfriend describes to police what happened. As police continue to investigate, it's now something this three year old won't soon forget.

"When she woke up she told her dad, there's a guy wanting to kill me", says BrandiMullins.

As for the two other children in the home, they were not injured. Family members are expecting 3-year-old Jalen to make a full recovery.

Police say the men responsible were wearing bandannas to cover their faces. They 'still' haven't been caught.

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