Tips To Preserve Lawns During Drought Conditions

Brown, dying grass and plants are becoming more and more commonplace here in the bluegrass, thanks to mother nature, but you can protect the hard work you put into your landscaping.

John Barnott, the operations manager of "Weedman," says the most important thing to remember is do not water during the day. Not only will you lose water from evaporation, but you are more susceptible to disease.

Try to hand water instead of using sprinklers and irrigation systems. This allows you to focus on the exact spot that needs watering and helps conserve water.

Another way to conserve is to use gator bags or drip hoses. These have tiny holes in them that allow the water to seep out slowly and usually holds water for about two days.

You should also increase the time you spend watering so that you get a deep soaking to the roots.

If your lawn or landscaping starts to look like it's dying off, don't stress, most plants and grasses will go dormant in situations like this in order to preserve themselves.

Lastly, don't fertilize during the summer and be sure to aerate your lawn twice a year.

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