9-year-old remembered at football game

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Despite the threat of rain, the coaches of the Buccaneers said they'd play anyway - to remember little Tashawn.

The team, which 9 year-old Tashawn Watson had been a member of, gathered at YMCA North in Lexington for this first game since his death.

Tuesday afternoon police say Tashaun found a gun in his parent's garage in Lexington. The gun went off, killing him.

Saturday's game was about remembering the little boy.

Players signed a photo, and a football for the boy's parents to take home.

His stepfather says it's the support of the community that's helping them right now.

"Our boy was a really great kid, touched a lot of lives," said the boy's step-father, Leon Mack, "That's really the only thing helping keep our heads up right now - knowing that he had such a positive impact on everyone that he came across."

The coaches say they wish they had got the chance to watch Tashawn play more. They say he was a promising football player.

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