Storms Rip Path Across Kentucky

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Across Kentucky several communities are wondering, did a tornado hit their town? At least one county knows. One did touch down there.

Inspectors with the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 twister hit in the northwest part of Edmonson County near the community of Sunfish. It's one of many areas still cleaning up Sunday night from Saturday's storms.

The National Weather Service will determine if Mercer County damage is the result of a tornado, but regardless of what the experts call it, Laura Hall and Justin Walker call it frightening. "It's pretty scary to think that we could have been driving through it," Hall said. Her husband, Justin Walker added, "If we had kept driving, we'd probably been right in the middle of it."

The couple lives right next to a barn that had its roof ripped off by the storm. "I was driving, coming down the road, and I was just looking there, and I said, that looks like a tornado, and sure enough, we got to watching it there and seen stuff flying around in circles," Walker said.

In Edmonson County, the National Weather Service says an EF-1 tornado with wind speeds of 100 miles per hour left a 50-yard wide path of damage.

A tree just missed Barbara Taylor when it crashed through her roof, and she doesn't like to think about how close of a call it was. "15 feet more and I probably would have been dead," Taylor said.

No one was injured in either the Edmonson or Mercer County storms, but those on the ground say this is as bad as they ever want to see a storm get near their homes. "First time, last time hopefully. I don't want to see that again," Hall said.

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