Attorneys for teens accused of trying to kill classmate say it was all staged

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Two teens, accused of trying to kill one of their classmates, went before a judge for the first time Monday morning.

Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab both pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

The two Jackson County High School seniors, along with a third 17-year-old student, are accused of taking Cheyenne Williams to Flatlick Falls and trying to push her off a cliff earlier this month.

Whatever happened that Friday is allegedly recorded on a cell phone camera, now both sides say the video proves guilt or innocence depending who you ask.

Cheyenne Williams is willing to testify in court that her Jackson County High School classmates, Sams and Schwab kidnapped her, then tried to kill her.

Schwab's attorney, Jim Baechfold says, "If you have a cell phone for video, why not call 9-1-1."

Sam's attorney, Sharron Allen Gay, says, "There was no crime this was a staged performance and the victim was a willing participant."

A spokesperson for the victim, Jordan Palmer, told 27 NEWSFIRST the same video in question is evidence of a hate crime, a crime three teens had been planning for months.

Williams' mother is calling it a hate crime because her daughter is gay.

Baechfold says, "This case isn't about race, gender, sexual preference, it isn't about those things, it's about the truth versus a lie."

State Police said the case may have been the result of a prank.

Both sides will meet again in court Thursday April 29th for a preliminary hearing.

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