Experts confirm tornado hit Mercer County

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National Weather Service experts have surveyed damage in Mercer County near Salvisa and they say an EF-1 tornado hit there Saturday night.

The roofs of two barns on Patterson Lane were ripped off during the storm. About a mile away, along Cummins Ferry Road, a barn collapsed on Holly Lane Farm, injuring a 20-year-old Morgan Horse so badly, the horse was put down.

"Sounded like a tornado to me," explained Calvin Darnell, whose barn is now without a roof.

He says he and his family ran to the basement during the storm for cover.

"Just five minutes. Then we came back outside and the roof was gone and there was tin and insulation everywhere."

Darnell said he believed Saturday night that a tornado had hit.

"Just because of the way things are strewn; different colored tin (roofs) and 2x4's with nails from my roof are behind me," Darnell explained. "It it had been straight kine winds, they'd all be ahead of me."

Two other tornadoes were also confirmed in Kentucky. The National Weather Service says an EF-1 tornado hit the Sunfish community of Edmonson County, while an EF-0 tornado hit the Pembroke community on the Christian/Todd County line.

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