Veterinarian critically injured in crash

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For decades, he has treated horses and other animals in central Kentucky. but now a Lexington veterinarian remains in critical condition after a crash.

The collision happened on Paris Pike at Old Paris Pike. Lexington Police say Dr. Warren Perez turned left into the path of an oncoming oldsmobile. Friends tell Newsfirst he's a man who helped others and cared about animals.

Yullah is like many horses across Kentucky who owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Warren Perez. Yullah's owner, Jimmy Haggar has known Dr. Perez for nearly forty years, and he was inside the Curb Bar when Perez crashed into another car just outside the building. "We heard this big crash, and we looked up, and there was this car sitting right in the door, so we run outside, and I look over and I seen the car and all the medicine, and I seen who it was," Haggar said.

Friends at the bar say Dr. Perez often dropped by, not to drink, but to see old friends from the racing community "He's been in horse business all his life, and he's been around a lot of very influential people. He never did forget about his little small buddies, so that's just the type of guy Doc is," Haggar said.

Friends say Dr. Perez is always willing to help with their horses, often asking for nothing in return. "He worked with us and helped us. A lot of times he wouldn't even charge you. He wouldn't charge you for nothing. 'Ah, it's alright, we'll get it next time,' and next time never came. Because he wouldn't charge you anything. That's just the way he was."

His generosity earned him a lot of friends now hoping Perez the patient fares as well as Perez the doctor. "I've seen him work magic on a few, and you'd think he was crazy, but it worked," Haggar said.

Dr. Perez is being treated at UK Hospital where he remains in critical condition. The driver of the other car, Arthur Hembree, was taken to St. Joseph Hospital where he was treated for multiple injuries and released.

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