A rescue to 'quack' about

It was a call many of them said they had never gotten before.

Firefighters, animal control officials, and city sewer employees worked together in the rain Monday to rescue a group of Mallard ducklings who found themselves in a very tight spot.

14 ducklings got stuck in a storm drain Monday morning, outside Saint Joseph Hospital off Harrodsburg Road in Lexington.

Under the watchful eye of the ducklings' mother, father, and some curious onlookers, rescuers used their expertise and resourcefulness to rescue them.

They used a camera, a net, and a little basket to pull off the rescue.

About an hour and a half later, the ducklings were reunited with their parents. They were all doing ok.

The rescuers worked in the rain until all of the ducklings were safely out.

They said they would have continued with the rescue until they had to go on another call.

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