'Rock War' between Kentucky and Ohio ends

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Officials in Ohio have agreed to return an
8-ton boulder to Kentucky after a lengthy legal battle that had
been lightheartedly dubbed "our rock war."
U.S. District Judge Henry R. Wilhoit Jr. has ordered an
armistice of sorts while the neighboring states finalize an
agreement to return Indian Head Rock to Kentucky. The boulder bears
numerous carvings of initials, names and a crude face. In
generations past, it jutted out of water on the Kentucky side of
the Ohio River, serving as a navigation marker for boaters.
An expedition of Ohioans moved the rock to Portsmouth, Ohio,
three years ago, and Kentucky has been fighting for its return
since then.
In an order staying the legal proceedings, Wilhoit said some of
the logistics of moving the rock have to be worked out between the

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