Grimes Avoids Serious Time in Pizza Delivery Man Murder/Robbery

Crystal Grimes has been in jail for more than 2 years after she was arrested in connection to the murder and robbery of pizza delivery man Gregory Rowe.

She was sentence to 5 years, but because of credit for time served, she'll only be in prison for less than 3 years.

Grimes was initially charged with just robbing Gregory Rowe. Her former boyfriend Christopher Wages is serving a life sentence for murdering him. And her attorney has long argued that Grimes had no role in the delivery man's death.

“Because I truly feel that Christopher Wages is a monster for what he did to this man...He got the punishment he deserved,” Grimes’ attorney Tom Jensen told Judge Roderick Messer Friday.

But had Grimes gone to trial, Wages was expected to testify against her. Wages' attorney even hinted at what was to come after a pre trial hearing in November of 2005.

“That we'll be able to show a much more substantial role that Crystal Grimes had in this case,” said Wages attorney outside the Laurel County courthouse on Nov. 18, 2005.

Grimes didn't say anything to the victim's family. She asked her attorney to do that.

“She says she just doesn't have the words to express true sympathy she has for the violent act.”

Grimes pleaded guilty to theft over 300 dollars and tampering with physical evidence. Her attorney said she ordered the pizza and even admitted to moving the body.

“These charges that she pled guilty to, I think that Crystal feels she is certainly guilty of.”

At least a half dozen of Rowe’s relatives watched the sentencing in court today. One person said he is disappointed in the amount of time Grimes will serve.

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