Lexington Police helping business owners prevent crime

Keeping the city safer, one business at a time.

Lexington Police officers spent Tuesday showing business owners the best ways to keep their properties safe from criminals.

Fred Roser came to Tuesday's forum to learn.

When criminals hit his business, Frantaz Mechanical Contractors, a couple of years ago, he lost $50,000.

He and dozens of others came to the Crime Prevention Through Economic Design Conference.

Police say the goals of the conference were to stress not only prevention, but also solvability factors.

Those are things owners can do to help officers get the crooks once they strike. An example of that would be installing surveillance cameras.

"Having the chance to come and hear these things and learn what we can do, it's a great thing," Roser said.

Lexington Police are hoping to schedule more forums in the future.

Police say so far this year, they've responded to more than 700 calls of shoplifting, commercial burglary, and fraud.

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