Driver charged in deadly crash

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In the back yard of where 45 year-old Vicki Hutchison lived with her husband, there is a small cabin that will never be used as it was intended.

The sewing machines sit untouched, and the cabinets are full of material - never to be opened.

It's was a building built for Hutchison to make quilts in, and finished by her husband of 26 years just a week before her death.

Too upset to go on camera right now - he showed 27 Newsfirst the room. He says it is hard for him to go inside.

Especially when the other driver involved in the fatal accident that killed his wife is no where to be found.

Police say back on April 5th, 23 year-old Christobal Ramirez-Cordoba swerved into Hutchison's lane on Briar Hill Road in Bourbon County, hitting her head-on.

She'd been on her way to UK Hospital where she worked as a nurse.

At the time, Cordoba was cited for driving without a valid drivers license - the second time he's faced that charge.

Cordoba was scheduled to be in court Monday for that charge, but never showed up.

An officer was at the courthouse waiting to arrest him for other charges related to the crash.

A grand jury has indicted Cordoba for 2nd degree manslaughter, driving under the influence, and failure to maintain insurance.

Authorities say a federal warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution will be issued, to help track Cordoba down.

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