Thieves target cars in Lexington neighborhood again

People living in one Lexington neighborhood say they're fed up.

For the second day in a row, criminals targeted cars along Stansberry Cove, breaking in and taking whatever they can find.

Michelle Pierce says Thursday morning, her children, who were going to catch the bus, came upon one of the thieves in her car.

"They started backing up and saying, 'Mommy, somebody's in your car,'" Pierce said.

Pierce ran out to investigate.

"He said, 'Mam, I'm sorry,' and he took off running, and I chased him all the way through my neighborhood," she said.

That person got away. Yesterday, Pierce's neighbor caught a man taking tools from his truck.

That neighbor was able to tackle the suspect and hold him until police arrived.

Police say they do have a person of interest for this morning's attempted burglary, and they think he could be connected to yesterday's thefts.

Police say if they do catch the person from this morning, an attempted burglary charge will be filed.

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