Van crashes into building; Driver sent to hospital

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It was an eventful day at a Lexington business after a van crashed into the building. It happened a little before one o'clock at the Cup of Tea Cafe in downtown Lexington. The driver was taken to the hospital.

Cup of Tea Cafe has only been open a week, but today it got an unwelcome surprise that left part of the building damaged.

"A grand opening! We haven't been open a week. It's definitely been an experience", says employee Ken Burney.

Police say it appears the driver of the van was first traveling down 2nd Street. Witnesses say he hit a telephone pole before turning the corner minutes later, running into the building.

"Hit the corner at a pretty high rate of speed and my first response was 'oh my god' because he looked as if he was gonna come through the front window", says Ken Burney.

Just moments before the crash employees say there was a customer inside. The owner says she's just glad nobody was sitting outside at the time.

"I'm thankful number one, and number two it's a little surreal but we're okay", says Lisa Samson, the business owner.

As for this shop the owner saying it will still be business as usual.

"I think we should be up and opening as soon as they give us the okay", says Lisa Samson.

As for the crash, police say it is still under investigation.

Police have not released the name of the driver involved in this incident.

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