Man charged in connection with teen's death

Some new developments about the investigation into the death of a Kentucky 15-year-old, whose body was found in the snow.

Karen Kappelman was found dead in February, outside a Boone County apartment complex.

But now, a man faces charges in connection to the case, because of what police say happened the night Kappelman died.

20-year-old Jordon Hard of Union is charged with one count of unlawful transaction with a minor.

Authorities say Hard provided alcohol to Kappelman on the night of her death.

Kappelman was found partially clothed outside her family's apartment building in Walton back on February 28.

The Boone County coroner says she died from hypothermia due to exposure. The coroner also says alcohol intoxication contributed to her death.

Kappelman's parents have said she had a friend over that night and they both snuck out of the house.

Hard allegedly gave the alcohol to her later that night at a party in Independence.

Authorities say her blood alcohol level was .128.

The coroner has ruled Kappelman's death an accident, saying there were no signs of foul play, trauma, or abuse.

Kappelman was a freshman at Ryle High School in Union.

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