Friends of slain officer say he will be missed

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Friends of Officer Bryan Durman say their loss is one that's going to be felt for many years to come.

Officers John Linton and Chris Carrington say Lexington has lost not only a great officer but a great man.

"He was enthusiastic about being a police officer," said Officer Linton, "I could tell it was his dream job, in the academy we talked about what it would be like to have that uniform and wear that badge, and serve this community."

They tell us Bryan Durman joined the Lexington Police Force after spending six years in air force following his graduation from LaFayette High School.

The officers both went through the academy with Durman in December of 2007, and they became very close.

During his time as a police officer, Durman's friends say he was an extremely hard worker - and was often one of the last to go home at the end of a shift.

They say it's been very difficult to deal with losing Bryan but they're focused on being there for his wife and four year old son.

"He was a mentor to me just because he was already a father, " said Officer Carrington, "so I took a lot of advice from him, because I have an 11 month old myself."

Carrington says he hopes to be a good role model now for Durman's son, and will make sure the little boy knows the kind of man his father was.

Both men say Durman died doing what he loved.

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