Fallen officer remembered at graduation ceremony for new officers

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On Friday the Lexington Police Department welcomed 16 new officers during a graduation ceremony while saying goodbye to Officer Bryan Durman, killed in the line of duty.

"Ladies and gentleman, I would ask you to continue to stand and join me in a moment of silence as we remember a member of our family whom we lost last night to a terrible tragedy", Chief Ronnie Bastin said to the crowd.

He later went on to speak about the fallen officer.

"Officer Bryan Durman was always willing to help whenever he was needed and always had the community's best interest at heart. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Durman's family as they cope with the loss we all share", says Chief Ronnie Bastin.

He then directed his words at the 16 newest members of the police department.

"As a team I know we will remain strong and pull together to support each other and the Durman family. We will continue to be reminded daily of Officer Durman's legacy, of why we are called to serve this community", Chief Ronnie Bastin said.

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