Fallen officer played a role in saving man's life

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Chester Salisbury has no recollection of the March 19th crash that nearly killed him. Salisbury was riding his motorcycle home that night when a driver who ran a red light collided with him.

The wreck took place at the intersection of Broadway and 4th Street in Lexington. One of the first responders on scene was Lexington Police Officer Bryan Durman. Durman reportedly performed CPR on Salisbury who was sent to UK Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Tragically, Officer Durman died earlier this week after being struck by a vehicle while responding to a call.

Salisbury says he is saddened that he will never get to meet the man who helped save his life that night.

"I wish to God I'd met this gentleman and I'd known more about him because it would have been an honor to meet him," Salisbury said.

Officer Durman was to be honored with the Lexington Police Department's Lifesaver Award prior to his death for his role in helping to save Salisbury's life.

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