Hazard Restaurant Destroyed by Fire

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A longtime restaurant owner is looking for answers after his popular eatery and bar burned to the ground.

No one was inside the Daniel Boone Restaurant and Lounge in Hazard when it caught fire early Saturday morning, but a popular hangout is gone.

Gabby Grigsby and his family bought the restaurant in 1997. He says he loved running the popular restaurant, and meeting everyone who came in.

"It was packed. We were always full on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday nights," Grigsby said.

But after 13 years of business, everything is destroyed.

"You spend all your money to make money, and then it's gone. Real sad," Grigsby said.

Firefighters responded quickly to the scene, but Chief Sam Stacy says it spread fast. He says flames reached higher than the billboards above the restaurant.

"A lot of it has to do with contents of the building. When you're talking about alcohol, and stuff like that, we expect flames to get bigger," Stacy said.

No one was injured, and crews were able to contain the fire within two hours. Although he will not rebuild on this spot, Grigsby says he hopes to reopen somewhere else in the near future.

"In the next month, we'll be in business somewhere. Same employees, same band, we'll go somewhere," Grigsby said.

He says his business will stay in Perry County.

The cause of the fire is not determined at this time, but KSP is investigating.

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