Fire Turns up 'Dangerous' Meth Lab

The busy Sunday afternoon for Laurel County first responders started out as a small trailer fire. In fact...firefighters arrived to see to the property's caretakers trying to put out the flames with a garden hose. But not until the fire was brought under control and the caretakers started feeling sick did officials realize what they were dealing with.

“None of us knew there was meth inside until we got it put out fumbling through the rubble and found this,” said Keavy Fire Chief Ronnie Bales.

What firefighters found were remnants of what police are calling a red phosphorus meth lab.

“It’s a very dangerous situation. There could have been explosions. Could have been contamination from what we had to put up with,” said Bales.

Police now have a warrant for the trailer’s tenant. The caretaker says he's "missing in action." Police say not only did he run an illegal meth lab, but he caused a fire that sent both caretakers and a firefighter to the hospital.

“They feel like the temperature got out of sync and it changed and caused a fire,” said Sheriff Fred Yaden.

All three victims were treated and released from London’s Marymount Hospital.