People in Bourbon County keeping a close eye on rising creek

Much of the concern in Bourbon County Monday is focused on Stoner Creek.

The creek is already well above flood stage.

Several homes along Houston Avenue have already been flooded.

People who live in that area say they watched as the water rose quickly.

Steve Buckler says he's been through about five of these floods. He says he watched the rising water over the weekend progressively get worse.

"About 11 yesterday morning, in the back here (at his home), it started to come out of the banks," Buckler said.

By Sunday night, the water made its way into his home.

Many areas around Paris are under several feet of water, and it continues to rush in.

Buckler and his family are just dealing with the inconvenience for now. He says soon enough, things will get better.

"It's a headache," Buckler said. "But once the sun comes out like it is today and the water goes, you just start to rebuild and go back to a normal life. Just clean up and go on. That's about all you can do."

Officials tell 27 NEWSFIRST Stoner Creek will crest at about 26 feet. They say the water should start receding by Monday afternoon.

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