Police department flooded after heavy rain

In Mount Sterling, people are dealing with so much water, it's destroyed sections of the pavement and closed roads.

Police officers there are also being forced to work out of their cruisers, because the police department is under water.

Hinkston Creek rose so high and fast Sunday night, the force of the water actually pushed the pavement of Main Street up, and broke it into pieces.

Mount Sterling Police had to act fast to save their police cars. The building quickly filled with water.

As of early Monday afternoon, there was still water inside the building and no electricity.

Police officers are using their cars as mobile offices.

"All of a sudden we were knee deep in water moving police cars," Mount Sterling Police Chief Mike Schnell said. "another group of guys were trying to save computers and ammunition. We were pretty successful but have still suffered a pretty grievous loss."

The 911 dispatch center in the county was not affected by the flood. All calls are still going through that location.

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