BBB Warning Kentuckians About New Phone Scam

The BBB is warning consumers about a new scam, involving bank account numbers.

In one case, a man says someone told him he won a $5,000 prize, because he had never been in jail.

The victim figured it was a scam, but the Better Business Bureau worries other people may not.

These calls are coming from people who claim to be with the government. Most of the scammers are saying they're with the Social Security Administration.

All they need is your bank account information, and the money they're offering is yours. But it's nothing but a scam that could cost you everything.

BBB officials say you should never give out your bank account information over the phone.

If you have been a victim of a scam similar to this one, you're asked to call the BBB at 1-800-866-6668.

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