Liberty Mayor: 80% of Bypass businesses damaged in flood

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When the Green River reached its crest it flowed 500 yards to the Liberty Bypass where Mayor Steve Sweeney says it's damaged 80% of businesses in a one mile radius.

"Yesterday was about as unpleasant a day as I can remember," Says Mayor Sweeney talking about the sleepless night he had watching the Green River rise closer and closer to multiple businesses.

The trash piles far out-weigh the salvage pile along the Liberty Bypass.

Two huge empty gas tanks busted through concrete as they rose to the surface during the flood now sit next to what looks like a yard sale but is really a business counting it's loses among other things.

The river pulled back from the road and now the clean-up effort has begun.

The mayor himself sits behind the wheel of a bobcat. During the storm were told, he used a port-a-potty as a canoe trying to rescue a fellow liberty citizen during the peak of the storm..

"They were in the water up to here and needed to be rescued," says Sweeney.

Now his city of 2000 people need rescuing. Saying about 20 to 30 homes in Casey County will likely never be occupied again.

"I think we're going to have a business or two that may not reopen."

The mayor says it could take weeks before a final cost is known but he estimates the cost to be in the millions.

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