Franklin County takes precautions as the Kentucky River rises

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Officials in Franklin County are urging people living near the Kentucky River to take precautions for Tuesday. Officials expect the river to crest well above flood stage early in the morning.

As the river rises inch by inch, there's little that those living nearby can do. James Houghlin knows all too well, despite his best hopes, it doesn't look good for his home next to the river on Kentucky Avenue. "My main concern is my family because I've been through this. I was raised in this town. I seen the flood of '78. I seen what it done to this town. Flood of '97, this is worse than '97. I know what this water can do. I know what this river can do to this town," Houghlin said.

Emergency Management Director Deron Rambo has been coordinating precautionary measures since Sunday afternoon. His team has helped some homeowners evacuate already. "We do have some people waiting it out," Rambo said, "They call. They're staying updated on the current river level, and that's the best advice I can give them. Going into the night, don't go to bed and assume it's going to stay at that. Constantly check. Constantly monitor the river."

Workers at the Emergency Operations Center in Frankfort projected the river would crest at 40.0 feet at 2:00am, then immediately begin to recede.

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