Fallen officer receives 'last call' at burial service

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It's been a day to mourn and remember a man who gave his life in the line of duty.

Hundreds from central Kentucky and around the country gathered to honor a fallen Lexington police officer.

Officer Bryan Durman died last week, after being hit by a hit-and-run driver.

Tuesday's tribute began with a funeral, continued with a procession through Lexington, and ended with a final goodbye at his burial.

A sea of blue greeted the procession, leading Officer Durman's body to his final resting place in the mausoleum of Bluegrass Memorial Gardens.

The service included a number of salutes, paying homage to his service as an officer in his hometown of Lexington, as well as his accomplishments as a decorated staff sergeant in the Air Force.

During the burial, Officer Durman also received his last call from Lexington Police over the scanner.

"This is a last call for 46-600. Officer Bryan Durman having entered the service December 10th, 2007....out of service April 29th, 2010. Thank you, sir, for your service. Rest in peace. You will not be forgotten."

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