Pulaski Woman Accused of Stealing Electricity

Electric experts say meter boxes can be a dangerous item, and shouldn't be messed with. But Jessica Moore is accused of doing just that.

“There is no way I would mess with an electric box,” Moore said Tuesday from the Pulaski County Detention Center.

Moore was served with an arrest warrant Monday. She’s accused of stealing electricity, more than $980 from South Kentucky RECC, by hooking up a stolen meter box to her trailer.

But Moore says she's got an alibi. “I know when it happened. Me and my kids were at Trinity Springs Park. We were not at home,” she said.

A South Kentucky RECC spokesman wouldn’t comment on the Moore case, but she said electric thieves are first given a warning and not charged unless they perform the illegal hook-up again.

The power poles and boxes can carry more than 14,000 volts and officials say while stealing power is illegal, their main concern is safety.

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