People in Franklin County getting help with flood cleanup

People living in Frankfort and Franklin County will now have some options to help clean up the damage around their homes following this past weekend's floods.

People living in the city of Frankfort can have much of their flood related garbage picked up at the curb. Here's what can be picked up, according to a news release.

" Bag all items possible and sit curbside for pick-up
" Keep bags under 50 lbs.
" NO hazardous items such as fuel, chemicals, or paint
" Must bag any drywall and insulation
" DO NOT use boxes for garbage
" Carpet should be cut into strips no wider than 4 ft. and rolled
" Furniture and appliances can also be placed curb side
" Call City Sanitation Dept at 875-8527 to arrange for pick-up of refrigerators and freezers

Those living in Franklin County also have some cleanup options. Here's what is offered, according to a news release.

" Free dumping at landfill - May 8-22 (Mon. - Fri. 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m., Sat 8:00a.m.-Noon)
" Must show Franklin Co. Drivers License at landfill - No voucher needed through Sat, May 22nd
" Trailers will be allowed - No longer than 16 ft.
" Call Franklin Co. Solid Waste Coordinator at 875-7987 to arrange for pick-up of refrigerators and freezers

Volunteers will also be out in neighborhoods collecting information for the possibility of future FEMA assistance, because of the flooding.

The Franklin County chapter of the American Red Cross is offering flood clean-up kits. To get one, contact the Red Cross at 502-223-1795.

The Franklin County Health Department is suggesting anyone working in and around flood water or flood debris to have a current Tetanus vaccination. You can get a vaccination through the Health Department at 502-564-7647.

The Frankfort/Franklin County Emergency Operations Center has lowered its level of activation. You can still contact them with general questions at 502-352-2250. Click on the link with this story for more information.

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