Vigil held for missing kayaker at Lake Cumberland

He's just a month away from graduating high school.

A frantic search continues for an 18-year-old who disappeared after his kayak flipped in a lake.

John Tyler Pickerell went missing Wednesday night after the accident at Lake Cumberland.

Football Coach Dale Anderson says Pickerell, like so many of his players, is like a member of the family.

“Reality is hard to deal with. Reality is really tough,” Anderson said.

Anderson is among the throngs of teammates and friends who have spent all day at the lake waiting for some kind of answer. He watches as a sonar boat crew attempts to pick up a signal. Thursday night, he joined family members and friends for a candlelight vigil beside the lake.

Pickerell and some others were kayaking when the waters suddenly became rough. The others made it to safety but Pickerell for some reason..did not.

Pickerell is among the 2010 senior class at Southwestern High School. The class is set to graduate in just a few weeks.

The boat they're using is a $200,000 piece of equipment. The type of technology on the boat cuts a job that normally would take several days could be completed in just one day.

Officials say the recent flooding did play a role in the accident because of the debris that came in contact with the kayakers.

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