Town loses phone service because of flood waters

Cleanup continues across the state for many areas impacted by the severe flooding.

That includes Olive Hill, in Carter County, where as much as five feet of flood waters caused devastating damage, even causing land line phone service to crash.

For the town's firefighters, having no phones makes responding to emergencies nearly impossible.

"People are actually having to drive to the fire station and look for one of us out and will tell us an emergency and we can communicate by radio," Olive Hill Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Rodgers said.

Carter County Emergency Management Director Tom Thompson says not having phone services makes the job even harder.

"There is a lot of people that need help and it's hard to rest at night knowing they have nothing right now," Thompson said.

The root of the phone outage is at the Windstream Building, where flood waters destroyed much of the devices inside.

So until phone service is restored, officers say residents should do what they can to report emergencies.

Olive Hill has a little less than 2,000 residents.

They say at one time, parts of downtown were under more than five feet of water.

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