Franklin neighborhood maintains resilient spirit

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In Franklin County, things are finally improving, now the Kentucky River has crested and started to recede.

Some residents there say they haven't seen flooding this bad in years.

But, as Gabriel Roxas reports, folks there say they're going to stick it out.

Whether it's pumped out or hauled off, the mess left by flooding in the South Frankfort neighborhood will take a long time to clean.

Kendall Roten says, "on Sunday you could just watch it come. Pretty much I just spent most of the day Sunday trying to figure out how high it was going to get."

Roten says the lesson he's learned from all of this is that you can't be too prepared.

"I opted to leave my stuff in there because the lady that lived here before me told me that it took 44 feet to get in the house, and so I was thinking, I'm just going to, I think it will be okay. When I came back the next day, it was not at 44 feet, but I couldn't get to the house, so I guess you have to decide."

Bill Robinson found himself in a similar situation but was able to make a last minute move.

"I was pretty lucky. The basement, I got most of it cleaned out. I had some guys from work come as it got really bad. They helped me put some stuff in the attic."

Despite the mess and the losses, the neighborhood maintains a resilient spirit.

Robinson says, "it's just part of living on the river."

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