Boats used to get residents out of neighborhood

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It's been five days since a flood swept through Kentucky, and for some the situation is just now getting better. Some people have been forced to travel by boat just to get to where they need to go.

Thursday was the first day people have been able to drive along Camp Daniel Boone Road since Sunday, after the road flooded.

Now cleanup efforts are underway for some 40 homes along the Kentucky River in Jessamine County. Many of them ditched their cars at some point to high ground.

With other people's items strewn across his yard, Rocky Hall, who lives along Camp Daniel Boone Road, says the mess he has to cleanup following the flood seems endless.

The Gibbins also started cleaning up and counting their losses, knowing they did all they could with the cards they were dealt.

"We ditched the house, but at least we got the animals, the llama and the chickens," says Leslie Gibbins.

Residents say the big concern now is the dirty water from sewage and gasoline that has been washing up on their property. Some have already spent thousands of dollars during the cleanup process.

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