Hurricane Dean Hits Mexico A Second Time

TECOLUTLA, Mexico (AP) - Mexico is getting another dose of Hurricane Dean.

It's hit the Mexican mainland for a second time, arriving this time as a Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 100 miles-per-hour. But once it reached land again, it quickly weakened to a Category 1, with winds topping out at 85.

The sprawling storm made landfall today near a port city (Tecolutla) in Veracruz state on the central Gulf coast. Civil defense workers in yellow raincoats were seen joining troops there to help residents board army trucks for a trip to inland shelters.

Officials say they have received no reports of deaths in the Yucatan Peninsula, where Dean hit as a Category 5 storm yesterday.

However, driving rain, poor communications and impassable roads have made it difficult to determine how isolated Mayan communities fared in the sparsely populated jungle.

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