Report On Louisville Water Plan Due Next Month

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - The Louisville Water Company contends it can provide Ohio River water for central Kentucky more cheaply than Kentucky American Water can get Kentucky River water to the same area.

The subject was water, pipelines and costs when the Lexington Urban County Council's planning committee met yesterday.

Louisville Water Company officials talked about an $82 million pipeline to get Ohio River water to Central Kentucky. The company says it would pay for a $26 million part of the line.

Kentucky American Water wants to build a new treatment plant and
a pipeline to carry water from the Kentucky River north of Frankfort. The cost would be: $160 million to $170 million.

Kentucky American told Lexington officials that in the long run, the Kentucky River plant and pipeline is cheaper. Managing Engineer Linda Bridwell says that over 30 years, her company's plan would cost $203 million. Her estimate of the Louisville plan over the same period was $306 million. But Louisville Water Company President Greg Heitzman says he remains convinced that his company's plan is cheaper. He adds that a consultant's report on the matter that was commissioned by the Louisville company should be completed in two to four weeks.

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