Homemade bomb forces evacuations

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A bomb scare forced several people from their homes this afternoon.

Authorities evacuated a portion of the Imperial Mobile Home Park, on Baughman Avenue in Danville, after finding what appeared to be an explosive device inside a home.

Police arrested 37-year-old David Lynn.

Danville Police say the whole situation started after a dispute he had with his neighbors over lawn mowing.

They were called out to the scene.

Police say they had an active warrant on Lynn already, for driving with a suspended license.

When they entered his home, they saw what they believed to be an explosive device.

40 homes were evacuated.

After investigating, police determined it was a homemade explosive device, made with repacked fireworks.

If it had exploded, they say it would have caused harm.

Lynn was arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Destructive Device or Booby Trap, 1st degree Wanton Edangerment, and 1st degree Disorderly Conduct.

Kentucky State Police and ATF authorities are still investigating the incident.

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