Water recedes in Madison County as flood problems grow

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Dumpsters are strategically placed throughout the county as families lose more and more in connection with the flooding rain nearly a week ago.

Help is needed for the 9 families, 25 people in all living along Milton Lane, so while they wait for help they are busy throwing every soggy item they have away.

A creek near their homes flooded this past Sunday and the water poured into their homes leaving one foot of standing water behind.

Greg King's home was flooded, and says for the past five days he hasn't gone to work instead he's busy trying to race against the growing mold in his floors and walls.

He was in the process of tearing out his kitchen walls when we arrived on Friday.

"Pretty much 80% of stuff on floor level lost, floating around," says King.

Two dumpsters were brought to this area on Thursday, next to them are trailers for things that could be salvaged.

Five days after the flood the King family like many others in the area are learning what it's like to live with unwanted house guests, that to this point will not go away.