Kirksville Residents remember the tornado

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Saturday May 8th will be difficult for many living in the Kirksville community of Madison County. A year ago on that date, 2 people were killed after an EF-3 tornado destroyed many homes.

"It's hard to pull out of the driveway everyday.... and see an empty lot where there used to be a house," explained Suzanne Thompson, who lives across the street from where a home was demolished by the tornado.

"I just take it day by day," explained Eva McKee, who's daughter was left paralyzed following the storm. McKee's daughter, Katrina, lost her fiancee, Mike Yarber and her friend, Glenda Charbonnel when the couple's home was flipped by the tornado into a pond. The couple's two young young children were not hurt.

McKee has been rebuilding on the property where she and her daughter both had homes. She says she's just weeks away from moving in.

The tornado caused millions of dollars in damages and some folks are still haggling with insurance companies over the costs.