Judge orders thief to wear "I am a shoplifter" sign

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It was a trip to jail or a few hours of public embarrassment for 21-year-old Casey McGuire.

"You try to decide what punishment fits the crime and how do you get through to this person," says Judge Beth Lewis Maze.

McGuire admitted to stealing a $10 bottle of cough syrup from Slone's Signature Market in January, a direct violation of his probation from another felony crime.

"Sometimes it's best to find an alternative punishment that way tax payers aren't paying for them, but they still get the message," says Judge Maze.

Judge Maze ordered McGuire to wear a sign for a four hour shift on both Saturday and Sunday. It says "I am a shoplifter. I shoplifted from this store."

"I think in certain situations if a person steals, they should be subject to consequences, and maybe they won't steal again if everyone knows they did it in the past," says Judge Maze.

The store manager of Slone's says it's not a bad idea.

"I wouldn't want to wear a sign myself saying I shoplifted from the store," says David McRoberts, the Slone's store manager.

If McGuire fails to appear this weekend, the judge says he will go to jail.

Judge Maze says she intends to use the sign again in future sentences.

Our attempts to reach Casey McGuire about his punishment were unsuccessful.

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