Poll: Most Kentuckians aren't happy with Obama health care plan

The president took on the pundits and the political establishment over health care.

But a new Kentucky Poll finds the majority of our state doesn't think it was the right prescription.

He knew it was a tough sell going into it, and it took some intense wrangling to get it past Congress.

But Kentuckians certainly aren't impressed.

Neutral experts believe President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law will mean more Americans will be covered, but costs are also going up.

Our new Kentucky Poll for WKYT and The Herald-Leader found 53 percent of those polled disapprove of all of the plan.

Eleven percent disapprove of a few of the proposals.

Twenty percent approve of the health care reform law but think it doesn't go far enough, while 12 percent approve of all its proposals.

And in a separate question, the majority - 57 percent - of the 600 people polled think the health care reform plan passed by Congress needs some reform of its own, and Congress should start over and redo it.

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