Box to contain oil leak settling in on Gulf floor

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO (AP) - The 100-ton concrete-and-steel
vault meant to help siphon oil from a blown out Gulf of Mexico well
is settling into the mud over the gusher a mile down.
A BP-chartered vessel lowered the containment box to the sea
floor. Workers say it'll need about 12 hours to settle completely.
Underwater robots guided the 40-foot-tall box into place. Once
crew determine the box is stable, the robots can hook up a pipe and
hose that will funnel the oil up to a tanker.
A BP spokesman says many challenges lie ahead but he calls the
outcome "very good progress."
By Sunday, the box the size of a house could be capturing up to
85 percent of the oil. So far about 3 million gallons have leaked
in an environmental crisis that's sending toxic oil toward a
shoreline of marshes, shipping channels, fishing grounds and

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