Friends remember teen who drowned in southern Kentucky lake

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Hundreds of friends and family members gathered by the boat ramp to say farewell to John Tyler Pickerell who drowned in Lake Cumberland last week when his kayak capsized.

Pickerell's coach, Dale Anderson said, "You just give them a big hug and tell them, one day at a time."

Anderson was Pickerell's football coach and a longtime family friend. In the last few days, he's tried to comfort many of the young people, many of whom have lost a friend for the first time.

Beyond the monuments and the ceremonies, the community is organizing a campaign to promote boating safety and the use of life jackets with the hope that Pickerell's memory will save lives.

If you'd like to contribute to the campaign, you can send donations to:
Southwestern High School
Make The Right "Pick"
1765 WTLO RD
Somerset, KY 42503

Visitation for Pickerell is Monday from two to nine at Victory Christian fellowship in Somerset.

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