Police recover property stolen during violent home invasion

After recovering nearly all the stolen property as well as a stolen gun believed to have been used in the home invasion, police are looking for three suspects in this case.

Police have arrest warrants for Mike Durham and Shawn Durham who face several charges including robbery, assault, and kidnapping. Police also plan to charge a third suspect, Nicole West, with receiving stolen property.

Original Story:
A retired couple, asleep in their home, when two armed men burst in and robbed them.

This all happened early Monday morning on Weatherby Lane, just off U.S. 127 in Junction City, in Boyle County.

The two men behind it all are still on the run.

Police say the men entered the home around 3 a.m.

They then struck the man who lives inside on the head with a handgun. Police say one of the men then held the couple at gunpoint, while the other stole a coin collection and electronics.

Police say the two men then went to Walmart, where they cashed in some of the coins.

Officers are looking at surveillance video to see if they can identify the men. After reviewing the tapes, State Police, Boyle County Sheriff and Junction City Police were out looking for the two men responsible for the theft and attack.

Police say the suspects are two men in their late 20's, who were wearing gray hoodies.

One neighbor who knows the couple says they were pretty shaken up about the experience.

"She was crying when she was talking about it," neighbor Jean Rayburn said. "She said Warren had a cut on his head, and was down on the floor bleeding when she first saw him."

Police still aren't sure how the two suspects got into the victims' home. They think it's possible they got in through a garage door that had been left open.

Police say they're looking for a dark passenger car, possibly a Honda Civic or a Dodge Neon, in which the men left the scene.

Another neighbor says he's noticed strange cars driving through the neighborhood in the past, the people inside would be peering into open garages. He says he often while police look for the two suspects, everyone else should be looking out for one another.

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